A place for meeting, shopping and leisure with Majorcan character

FAN Mallorca Shopping is all about light, energy, emotion, adrenaline, relaxation, family, friends…This is Mallorca. FAN is made up of open and welcoming spaces where tradition and modernity sit side by side, imbued with a markedly Majorcan character.

For the first time in Spain, thanks to the latest technological advances, visitors will feel like stars by interacting with their environment, transforming their stay into an unrepeatable experience in one of the most innovative shopping spaces in Europe, the result of more than 40 years of experience amassed by Grupo Carrefour.

A universe of sensations

FAN Mallorca should be experienced with your 5 senses to allow you to follow appreciate the blending of the latest cutting-edge technology and the island´s original essence:



With sight, in order to enjoy yourself in the open air spaces and take in the best digital experience through the gigantic screens. We create sensations never experienced until now in any other lifestyle and leisure space.



With hearing, in order to hear the unique sound of each space thanks to audio branding. The music of Carlos Jean will make visitors perceive special details in each zone of the complex, thanks to the design of melodic environments that are absolutely different.



With smell, the centre recreates multiples settings and emotions by using aroma branding, which is capable of evoking emotions and transporting whoever perceives the aromas to very special places and moments.



With touch, in order to feel the best selection of Mallorca´s natural resources used to build FAN. FAN Mallorca is integrated into the island and has created an unrepeatable place.



With taste, there is something to enjoy for all palates. FAN Mallorca offers an unlimited gastronomic fiesta: local, European, Asian and American cuisine add a touch of flavour, to put the finishing touch on a perfect visiting experience.